BOOK CLUB:  Typically, the
book club meets the last
Wednesday of each month and
rotates from home to home and
also includes families outside of
our subdivision (Pilgrim's
Edition).  Contact
Tina @

of our subdivision take part in
quite a few running events (5k,
10k, half & full marathons).  
There is always someone
running every day. Call Erica @
630.417.1405 or Tina @
630.699.0197 to run with the
group. (Currently # of runners: 8)

permitting, this event typically is
held 1-2 times every month on a
weekday and includes events
such as picnics at the park, and
sometimes at a neighbors home.
 Event coordinators are
Barbaccia (630-699-0197) and
Jean Hoefler (630-983.8032).

try to get out once a month,
usually on Friday or Saturday's.  
The group typically catches a
movie & Margarita's, but has
also scheduled Go Kart racing,
burger night... oh yeah, and
according to our wives, we go to
church and donate our time. :-)
lol.  Interested in joining, please
contact us.

need time out as well.  For this
reason, we like to have our
"wine tasting" nights, Coffee
nights and even a chick-flick or
two. woowoo! lol  Interested in
joining, please
contact us.
(PS: and the guys think we're
having a Tupperware

POKER NIGHT:  Bring your
plastic poker chips and some
salsa dip.  Poker night held at
different houses each month.
Contact us

Typically held in the winter
months, residents hold board
game night from November -
February.  The homes are
decided on by the residents and
rotates every other week.  
contact us for details

A few neighbors like to get
together at Lifetime Fitness on
Diehl in order to play a friendly
game of RACQUETBALL.  
Interested parties should contact
Jack Barbaccia 630.674.0446 or
George Michael 630.417.4949

Contact George at 630.417.4949
Miledje Square
PAST EVENTS 2012-2013

JUNE 8th and 9th, 2013 from 8a-4p.
Saturday & Sunday.

We currently hold the LARGEST block sale in Naperville!
People come from miles around for this one.  Typically we have from 12-25 homes participating.  In the past, we've done a 2 or 3 day event.  
This year, most indicated they would like a 1 day bash, so we're making it on a Sunday this time so anything left over can simply go to the
garbage if needed for Monday pickup.  
NOTE:  To make this a success, we ask every participant to submit their address on
ALL of the following websites:

AUGUST 25, 2013 @ 4:30p (No rain date scheduled)

This year this Hot Dog party is sponsored by
Naperville Vacuums and Giovanni Area Rugs in Naperville on Ogden.  Table & chairs will be needed if anybody can spare some.  All you need
to bring is your favorite drinks to share; the dogs are taken care of.

SEPT 29, 2013 @ 3:00p  (recently revised)

By popular demand, our annual block party is being held in our very own park again!  Neighbors felt it was more convenient, less costly (no
permit required) centrally located AND more 'elbow room'.

As always, we're asking neighbors to help out by bringing something and lending a helping hand where needed. Here is a list of items which
are required for our block party:

1.  Flyers (taken care of by Tina B. and Jean H.)
2.  Tents
3.  Two grills, charcoal & lighter fluid
4.  Bottled & canned beverages
5.  Food:  hot dogs, buns, condiments, chips, desserts etc
6.  Games:  bag toss, horse shoes, kids toys etc
7.  Photographer to take pictures for our website

Special thanks out to Tina B. and Jean H. for spear-heading the Fliers last year ( and hopefully this year too lol).  Also another special thanks
out to Julian & Marsha (
house #65) for allowing us to use their electrical outlet for the bouncy house last year (and hopefully this year again).

Please call or email Tina B.(
house #11)  or Jean H. (house #13) if you'd like to help out.


Easter Egg Hunt:  4.23.11 @ 10a. 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Contact Tina at 630.699.0197 for more info (no rain date is

Hot Dog Party:  6.18.11 @ 5p. Between houses #20 & #71.  Walk on down, join your neighbors and have a pop.  Kids are always
welcome, bouncy house will be up and running. (no rain date scheduled).  No need to bring anything; but if you feel obligated,
call George to see what we need:  630.417.4949

Our 5th annual neighborhood garage sale set for
ONE DAY ONLY.  COST: $0  Any questions, please call Bill Schaumann (house
#7)We're looking for help to make signs!! Any spare lawn signs you have to donate would help.  Contact Bill at (630) 983-5212

SLOPPY JOE / WATERMELON BASH:  8.13.11 @ 5-10pm (rain date 8.14.11) Our 2nd annual Watermelon bash and Sloppy Joe Fest
are being combined.  Last year Brooke and Paul Galassi (house # 71) made their home made sloppy joe sandwiches for a
neighborhood event (the hot dog party).  This year we're making a combined event!  COST: $0, just bring a watermelon (or fruit
dish of choice). Contact Paul or Brooke at 708.277.4001 for details. LOCATION: On side of house #71

BLOCK PARTY:  9.10.11 @ 5-10p. (rain date 9.11.11) In front of house #20.  Similar to last years Block Party, the city of Naperville
will block off the road for us residents.  Food, drinks & soda.  All bouncy houses will be up and running again, along with the
Naperville Fire Trucks later in the afternoon (if not on call).  We're going to try to have a large screen for movies when the sun
goes down; and most importantly, the icecream truck is supposed to be on site!!  Oh, we need volunteers!

NEIGHBORHOOD FUN RUN: 11.6.11 (Sunday) @ 11a.  Starting at the MiledjeSquare park sign (south corner of Morningside &
Pearson).  This is a 1 mile warm up run (2.5 laps around block) for the Naperville Turkey Trot later this month.  Everyone is
welcome to join, bring the kids, family & friends.  You can walk it, jog it or run it... just for fun! COST: $0

NAPERVILLE TURKEY TROT:  On Thanksgiving morning!
The 5k race will be held on Thanksgiving morning, November 24, 2011 at 8:00 a.m. The race will begin and end at Naperville Central
Central High School, 440 West Aurora Avenue, Naperville, IL. The 5K course is a relatively flat, scenic route through the
west-central part of Naperville. For more info,
CLICK HERE. or contact George HERE.


Easter Egg Hunt:  3.27.10 @ 10:30a. 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Contact Tina at 630.699.0197 for more information (no rain date
is scheduled).

Hot Dog Party:  5.15.10  In front of house #20.  Walk on down, join your neighbors and have a pop.  Kids are always welcome,
bouncy house will be up and running. (no rain date scheduled)

NEIGHBORHOOD GARAGE SALE:  6.26.10 & 6.27.10
4th annual neighborhood garage sale set for the same weekend as the last time.  COST: $5 (same as last year)  This covers the cost
of the signs, newspaper ads in both papers, online postings and balloons on your mail box.  Please drop off payment in mail box
of Bill Schaumann (
house #7) at 638 Morningside Dr. (be sure to put your name and house number in with your payment).  The
neighborhood is also looking for people to help with this garage sale again (time and/or supplies).
Contact Bill at (630) 983-5212

WATERMELON BASH:  8.21.10 @ 7pm (rain date 8.22.10) 1st annual Watermelon bash.  No charge for this event, simply bring a
watermelon OR if you prefer something different, feel free to bring another fruit or dish.

BLOCK PARTY:  9.18.10 @ 3pm. (rain date 9.19.10) In front of house #20.  Similar to last years Block Party, the city of Naperville will
block off the road for us residents.  Food, drinks & soda machine.  All bouncy houses will be up and running again, along with
the Naperville Fire Trucks later in the afternoon.  We need volunteers too!

SLOPPY JOE FEST:  10.16.10 6pm. (rain date 10.17.10) Last year Brooke and Paul Galassi (house # 71) made their home made
sloppy joe sandwiches for a neighborhood event (the hot dog party).  This year we're making an event out of it!  Sure there will be
hot dogs still available, but Sloppy Joes are more fun to eat! woowoo  There is no cost, just bring a dish and/or beverage to share.
 Contact Paul at 708.277.4001 for details.  LOCATION: On side of house #71


BLOCK PARTY:  Sept 5th, 3pm. (rain date Sept 6th).  In front of house #20. The city of Naperville has given us a permit to block
off the road.  Weather permitting, all 3-4 bouncy houses will be up and running, ice cream truck & fire truck(s) will be on site.  
Food, drinks & soda machine.
Photos HERE.

Monday, Aug. 10th, 10a-12p. Kendall Park at 5th & Washington.
Pack a lunch and bring the kids.  This repeat event will be placed in the
GROUPS section to the right.  This event is organized by
Tina Barbaccia (630-699-0197) and Jean Hoefler (630-983.8032).

Aug 4, 2009. (Tuesday) 14th annual National Night Out event from 6p.m. to 9 p.m.  Last year, there were quite a few neighbors
simply talking outside and enjoying everyone's company.  See everyone outside this year! [Pilgrim subdivision is having their
Neighborhood Night out at Kendal Park, everyone is welcome]

Hot Dog Party: (
Pictures & News)
7.18.09 @ 4PM.  Location: 828 Morningside Dr.
Little get together for kids and adults.  2 bouncy houses, hot dogs, Sloppy Joes & drinks.  Ice cream truck arrived at 6:30p.
Special thanks out to the Hoefler's (
house #13) for bringing the grill, chairs & tables, Barbaccia's (house #11) for bringing food,
tables & chairs, Galassi's (
house #71) for food, Wrodarczyk's (house #21) for an electrical outlet.  Food, drinks & icecream
sponsored by (
carpet cleaning division)

Kids Play date:
7.13.09 (Monday weekday) 12-2p
Location: Kendall Park (by tracks)
Special thanks out to Jean Hoefler (
house #13) for her efforts in this event!

3rd Annual Garage Sale 6.27 - 6.28 This years garage sale was a success with 22 homes participating.  We had excellent weather
with a medium turnout. Special thanks out to Jean Hoefler and the kids (
house #13) with the flyers, Bill Schaumann (house #7) for
erecting the signs, and also Paul, Brooke & Allen (
house #71) with the balloons.

Open House  6.20.09 Dave & Jean Hoefler (
house #13) in the directory) hosted an open house to view their recently completed
home addition.  This was a great event with food & drinks for everyone.  A total of 21 neighbors showed up.

Bonfire  6.5.09 7p-9p in backyard of
house #20
Marshmellows and bouncey house for the kids, beverages and snacks for the adults.  Call George at 630.417.4949.

Easter Egg Hunt 4.5.09(
Event Pictures) (News) This years Easter Egg Hunt in the park was a success.  Thanks out to Tina and all
volunteers for their efforts and hard work in organizing this for the kids.
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2014-15 EVENTS:
As with all events, if someone could please bring a camera
and take pictures for the neighborhood album. ty!  Photos are located

Check back for more updates on upcoming events