Located between Washington & Mill St, we're a small 80 home
subdivision, just east of Naperville North High School.  Miledje
Square subdivision includes Morningside & Pearson Cr., and
also encompasses 6th & 8th St and the entire west side of
Eagle St as well.

Mr Miledje (pronounced Mill-Ledge) owned the property prior to
Naperville being incorporated back in the late 1800s.  His farm
was called "Miledje Farm" which went from Ogden to 6th, and
Mill St to Eagle.

Typically, members of the subdivision try to organize different
events for our block.  Functions include Easter egg hunts,
neighborhood garage sales, block parties, running groups,
book clubs, movie nights, poker night & wine tastings etc.

Park Location:
635 Morningside Drive
Naperville, IL 60563
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Miledje Square Park: 1.27 Acres
Basins: 1
Restroom's: None
Playground: None (hopefully coming soon if Naperville agrees!)
Distance around cul-de-sac:  .40 miles (1 mile = 2.5 laps)
Miledje Square
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